Gynaecological surgery

Janet came to Spire Hartswood Hospital in January 2015 for surgery under consultant gynaecologist Mr Varma. After her visit she wrote a letter to Hospital Director Mark Gilmour praising the hospital and its staff.

Dear Mr Gilmour,

I was admitted to Spire Hartwood Hospital on 19 January 2015, my consultant being Mr Varma. I did not want to have the required surgery or indeed be a patient at The Hartswood. I have had previous surgery at the Springfield Hospital and was reluctant to change to a hospital that I had not attended previously. I had been to out-patients once and although all the staff were polite and professional I felt the overall ambience within this area was not inviting and was over-crowded. How wrong my assumptions were.

From the moment my husband and I walked through the front door, at 06:50, we were greeted by the most helpful hostess. Nothing was too much trouble. I was impressed, but still did not want to stay. We entered room 44 which was not decorated to the standard I have come to expect, but spotlessly clean. Still, if I could have persuaded my husband to take me home I would have done so.

A nurse came to the room and I told them I thought the bed was extremely old. In no time, literally a minute or two, the bed was changed for a newer one. By now I was starting to think my concerns were unfounded. Everyone was so friendly and approachable. 

My husband, knowing of my apprehension, wanted to stay with me but he is diabetic and he could feel his blood sugars dropping. He asked Sister Jackie if there was a restaurant he could use. She was polite and said there was not a restaurant for the public but that he could order a breakfast, which he did, and this arrived within a few minutes. By now my thoughts were: 'These people really care.' Feeling a little happier, I thought, 'Let’s just get this over and done with and get home, rather than go home without any treatment at all.'

'I bet I am still here at 11.30 waiting for surgery', I said to my husband. Wrong again! At about 09:40, I was taken to surgery. Again everyone was superb, from the anaesthetic to recovery… so kind and considerate. I returned to my room and the care thereafter was absolutely second to none. Never once did I feel I was a bother having to call.

The care overnight did not disappoint. Forgive me for not remembering names, but a wonderful female nurse made me feel very comfortable, and on the second night when I had severe pain, a male nurse administered a painkiller within minutes which was a relief. I really appreciated the fact that not once was I left in any pain, either through the day or at night. The staff were always responsive to my needs.

It was discovered I had some urinary retention and a catheter was required for 48 hours. Unfortunately this did not resolve the issue and a further catheter was placed in situ, again undertaken with swift, competent efficiency. I need to thank Sister Jackie and Sister Mel for their prompt action on these occasions. I was treated with respect, dignity, compassion and empathy by all staff.

The situation got worse - problems with my bowels which I do not think I need to explain any further - but I must thank the RMO, Fatima. What a kind caring considerate doctor. On Thursday I was taken to X-ray by a very kind considerate unqualified nurse and, again, the X-ray staff were just lovely. On returning to my room, Fatima came to see me, set up a cannula and I was given an IV antiemetic and pain relief which made me feel much better. On Saturday morning, after much medication, I could go home.

I feel this email is an extremely convoluted one, but I cannot express strongly enough how I am so very impressed with your patient and customer care, not forgetting your wonderful ward hostesses serving meals, and the food is superb (well what I had of it, having felt unwell). Your facility staff are excellent as well. Nothing was too much trouble for anyone.

May I just summarise by saying that I am a retired Senior Nurse and I think you must have extremely strong leadership within your hospital. I could not have received any better care - absolutely faultless. You should be extremely proud of them all.

Please, please thank everyone, from Sarah in your admission office, who was helpful, polite and friendly when I called regarding my admission, to both Sue's in pre admission, who both tolerated my concerns regarding admission, and finally but by no means last, every wonderful member of your staff on the ward.

I would without hesitation wholeheartedly recommend Spire Hartswood Hospital to anyone requiring medical or surgical intervention.

Yours sincerely,