Jean Burchill from Brentwood, Essex visited Spire Hartswood Hospital to have a knee X-ray in February 2011. Jean was so impressed with her experience at the Hospital, she wrote a letter to the Hospital Director Mark Gilmour:

"Dear Mr Gilmour, 

Last week I had an appointment for a knee X-ray which, as I am disabled and live on my own, I viewed with some trepidation as to how I would manage. 

From the start, when a porter helped me out of the taxi into a wheelchair, I was met with nothing but help, kindness and consideration. The staff at both the main reception desk and the X-ray department were friendly and welcoming. My X-ray was completed and before long I was home again with a lasting impression of a warm welcome and friendliness.

Yours sincerely,

Jean M. Burchill"

Mark Gilmour received a second letter from Ms Burchill in March 2011 which included the paragraph below:

"Unexpectedly, I had to attend the hospital yesterday morning and was welcomed with the same degree of warmth and geniality. It is so wonderful to be treated as a human being and not just a number."