Once I had decided to have a rhinoplasty, I Googled which consultants were at Spire Hartswood Hospital. I chose Spire Hartswood Hospital because it is near to where I live. There were quite a few consultants to choose from but Mr Manu Sood stood out quite clearly as being the best for me.

When I first met Mr Sood my first impression was 'what a lovely man'. I immediately felt at ease with him and explained the situation with my nose, which had been broken for 30 years. He was very thorough in explaining the procedure, took pictures and encouraged me to go away and have another think about it and to be completely sure that he was the right consultant for the job. I had no hesitation at all in deciding that he was the perfect man to do the procedure.

I arrived at Spire Hartswood Hospital at 9am and was taken to my room. I was seen by a nurse, the anaesthetist and Mr Sood within the first hour of being there. Once I had the operation, I was looked after wonderfully by all the nurses. I was only one of two patients staying in overnight so the nurses came in to check on me every hour and took me to the toilet and gave me drinks. I couldn’t have been treated any better. My room had recently been refurbished and it was like staying in a nice hotel room - I was very comfortable.

I was able to see Mr Sood as many times after the procedure as necessary. I returned after two days to have the packing removed from my nose and then a further week after to have all the bandages taken off. I then had two further check-ups in the next six months.

I had broken my nose at the age of 17 and been unhappy with it since then. It was swollen and wonky and not a good looking nose. After finally plucking up the courage to have the operation I wondered why I had waited so long. I absolutely love my new nose and this is all down to Mr Sood. He did a fabulous job of straightening it!

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mr Sood. In fact, when I went for my first consultation, Mr Sood showed me examples of his work. I had spoken to one of my friends who recently had a procedure under Mr Sood and she had nothing but praise for Mr Sood. This again confirmed that he was definitely the right surgeon to do my nose. After going back to Mr Sood to tell him that I wanted to go ahead with the operation, I told him that I’d spoken to my friend and how she thoroughly recommended him. He then sent her a bunch of flowers, which shows what a thoroughly wonderful and kind man he is. I have since been back to the Spire Hartswood Hospital to see two different surgeons for consultations.