I attended Mr Manu Sood’s open evenings in the past and was also aware of the work he carried out at the renowned St Andrew’s Centre for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

I had been considering for some time to have a procedure after having had both my eyelids corrected in 2014 due to staffing and making my eyesight poor. Also as the years rolled on and the various challenges that life gives us, I felt that I didn’t want it to show on my face. I was conscious of looking after my body and at the age of 60 decided the time was right to go ahead. I am not the sort of person that’s interested in spending money on makeup or clothes and I'm careful with money. I also prefer the natural look.

Instinctively, I knew that I was in good hands with Mr Sood and Dr Frost, who carried out the intubation technique. Both gentlemen put me at complete ease.

As a result, I feel that it was one of the best decisions I have made. I feel more confident and ready for the next challenges ahead and the natural results speak for themselves.

The consultation prior and post treatment care were excellent and Mr Sood’s team were very approachable. I would not hesitate to recommend Mr Sood, also Dr Frost, and would encourage anyone considering it to do so. I am very pleased that I did.