In the summer of 2018 I was working in the garden when my right knee collapsed and I had a terrible pain in my leg. I was due to pick up my grandchildren from school, which I just managed to do, but I was in a great deal of pain. I did not want to go to hospital in the evening and decided to go to the GP the following morning. On arrival at the GP surgery I explained my problems and the doctor measured my knee, to which he then declared that I had a burst Baker's Cyst. There was nothing that could be done as it would disappear on its own and pass through my body naturally. I asked how long this would take and was told about three weeks.

I went home and really was not sure what I could do to help myself, so tried some ice, which had little affect on the knee, which seemed to hurt even more that day. I decided that it would probably not be wise to start taking pain killers as [I was] not at all sure what was happening. I managed to get around and do all my usual tasks, but it was very difficult to walk anywhere on uneven surfaces.

Three weeks passed and there was no improvement at all in the knee so I returned to the GP. I asked another doctor if she could give me any advice on my knee as it appeared not to be improving and I was in a lot of pain. I suggested perhaps I was doing the wrong thing by walking on it. She told me to walk on it until I could not stand the pain any more and it would go away on its own.

We went on holiday after this to Thailand and I had a terrible time trying to cope with aeroplane steps and uneven pavements and other rough terrain.

I came back very tired and limping by that time.

We then decided to try the GP again and this time I was sent for an x-ray. When I telephoned about my result I was then even more concerned about having a cyst as I was told that my leg was abnormal. At that point after nearly three months or more of pain we decided that I needed to get some proper treatment.

We consulted the Spire List of consultants and chose Mr Kumar, as his specialism appeared to be knees and he was known to our insurance company.

I had an appointment with Mr Kumar and told him of my history as written above. He did not have the x-ray, but I told him what I had been told. He then explained what that was using a model. He then suggested that I had an MRI scan to ascertain exactly what the problem really was. After the muddled advice I had been given on my leg Mr Kumar seemed very confident that whatever the problem he could fix it.

I left his room feeling that somebody was now sorting out my problem which was quite a relief after the number of visits I had made to the GP - who had made me feel a nuisance.

I returned to Mr. Kumar the following week when the results of my scan were available. He showed me the scan and quickly explained that the knee joint was worn out and that I needed a new knee.

He asked my feelings about this and I expressed my concern about my age of 73 and a condition I have, Bronchiectasis. He assured me that many people older and with more serious conditions had been fine.   

I was very impressed with all of the treatment I had with the staff during my time at Spire. The pre-op nurse was particularly reassuring in answering the many questions I had about the operation.

I was sick throughout my stay at the hospital from the anaesthetic and drugs, but found the nursing and catering staff really helpful. Each time I said I really did not want anything to eat they would offer to leave something for me and made me feel really comfortable rather than a nuisance.

Once I had left the hospital I found the telephone support and the outpatient nurses to be excellent, especially the lady who removed my stitches when I was there for physio and did not have an appointment, to save me coming back another day.

I found the Physio Department to be fantastic. I had studied the hand book on the exercises and found it very daunting. I had worked as hard as I could and I was really pleased to get on to one crutch within a couple of weeks. Helen helped me with the straightening of the leg which I found really difficult and I was amazed to be able to walk without crutches only four weeks after the operation.

Finally, I was very pleased to see Mr Kumar after six weeks last week and to be told by him how well I had done.

I have already told my friends about Mr Kumar and all of the staff. I would not hesitate to recommend the Spire Hartswood to my family and friends.

I do not want to tempt providence to say I would come back, but if I had to go anywhere it would most certainly be Spire.