Nareece, Mr Sood patient

I heard very good reviews about the hospital and everything was very positive, it made me feel confident about coming to Spire Hartswood Hospital for my operation.

A colleague of mine had a couple of meetings with Mr Manu Sood, as she wanted a breast reduction and she told me great things about him – how he was very understanding and how he helped her with exactly what she needed. This encouraged me to see him to find out if he could do the same for me.

I had my first consultation with Mr Sood and it was everything I could have asked for! I left the appointment feeling very happy and confident that I was finally going to get the operation. He answered all my questions and he told me everything I needed to know. He was very nice and easy to talk to, and he made me feel comfortable and relaxed.

Throughout my stay at the Spire Hartswood, I was treated like I was royalty. Every nurse was amazing and so kind, no matter what time of the night it was or what I wanted, they were always there with a smile! The theatre staff were all incredible, before I was anesthetised they made me feel relaxed and spoke to me to take my mind off the situation. I can’t thank everyone enough for the incredible job they have done.

My private inpatient bedroom was lovely, although I was, of course in pain. My bed was very comfy and I had a telly that I had on all night. The staff made me as comfortable as possible, which helped me feel very relaxed!

After my surgery, I went back every Wednesday for three weeks for a follow up appointment. Then after one month, three months, and then again at six months. I have one more appointment when it will have been a year since having the surgery!

I couldn’t be happier, everything in my life changed after I had my breast reduction, I’m constantly happy. I have no pain and my confidence is sky high, I’m able to fit into clothes so much better now. I can actually wear underwear and bikinis that fit me perfectly. It is the best thing that’s honestly ever happened to me!

I have a smile on my face every day and I am not ashamed of how I look. I’m so happy!

Without a doubt I would recommend Mr Sood and the Spire Hartswood Hospital! He is an incredibly gifted man. I truly appreciate what he has done and, of course, the hospital.

I would definitely come back again. It made me never want to go anywhere else, it’s an incredible hospital.