I would like to provide some feedback relating to my recent stay in room 42, at Gatwick. A fairly urgent appointment was made for me to have discectomy/decompression surgery, and I was admitted on the 11 July at 4pm.
From the moment I arrived, the care and professionalism your staff displayed radiated through each and everyone of them.

Being slightly nervous about the operation, the calming behaviours your staff displayed put me at ease. What was originally expected to be a one night stay, actually turned into a five night stay, during this time I received care day and night, and began to see familiar, kind faces regularly.

In today’s world we are quick to complain when things don’t quite go to plan or expectations aren’t managed correctly, but we often forget to say thank you to key people who do make a difference.

I cannot fault any of your staff, but there was one lady in particular I would like you to pass on my sincere thanks to, I don’t know if you have a recognition process, but if you do I would like her to receive some form of recognition.

I’m not sure of Val’s surname, but she admitted me on day one, and I think I saw her everyday afterwards at some point, I know that she has been asked to be a guardian angel, I’m sure you know who she is, I think she will remember me.

“Val, you are such a lovely lady, when you entered my room you made me smile inside, I will miss our chats. You just know what to say and do to make things better. I’m glad I had my sunglasses on when I said goodbye, I had a tear in my eye! Thank you for your genuine kindness and the exceptional care you gave me.”