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Hip and knee surgery, faster.

Your bones and joints are vital to how you move and every action you make. Conditions such as arthritis and injury can make your bones – particularly the joints – painful and can affect your mobility. 

Whether you are waiting for surgery or less invasive procedures like physiotherapy, our team of orthopaedic specialists may be able to help ease the pain in your bones and joints getting you back to living the life you love.

We provide: 

✔ Rapid assessment and diagnosis 

✔ Minimal waiting times

✔ Treatment dates to suit you

✔ Fast access to X-ray, MRI and CT scanning services 

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Spire Elland is delighted to offer an evening of complimentary appointments for knee pain on Tuesday 30 October from 6pm.

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Hip replacement surgery

The damaged hip joint is replaced with a new, artificial one.

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Knee replacement surgery

An artificial knee joint is used to replace the damaged joint.

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Knee arthroscopy

Arthroscopy is a ‘keyhole’ operation used to check and treat knee problems.

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Painless imaging tests that can see inside your joints.

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Increase mobility and reduce pain with the latest techniques/equipment.

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Shockwave therapy

Non-invasive treatment of plantar fasciitis and tendon problems.

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