Having an operation can often be a worrying time as you don’t know what to expect, how you will feel, how long will you stay in for, or how long the recovery will take - the list can be a never ending series of questions, which is only natural.

At Spire Dunedin we are here to ensure you have the best treatment throughout your stay, making you feel welcome, relaxed and comfortable, all parts that help for a good recovery.

The Physiotherapy team is an important part of this process. You will be invited to attend a physiotherapy pre-assessment during the time you visit the hospital for your pre-operative blood tests. At a mutually convenient time, we will spend 30 minutes explaining what will happen during your operation, give you an opportunity to meet some of the ward physiotherapists, demonstrate exercises you may be asked to commence following surgery. We will take time to find out a little about you so we understand what you are aiming for recover for, whether that be a work goal, sport or your family, whatever your priority may be. We will discuss how long a recovery usually takes and what you should expect along the way.

Our therapists don’t just do all the talking. This is an opportunity for you to find out as much as you feel you need to prepare yourself, even if it’s what to bring or what you should wear after surgery, anything that is important to you.

Should your surgery require you to have crutches afterwards, we will provide these during the session and teach you how to use them, giving you an opportunity to practice beforehand. If you would like to have someone with you as an extra listener we are happy for you to bring along whoever you wish.

We usually offer pre-assessment for patients under going hip and knee replacements or spinal surgery. We also have a lot of our information available in pre-assessment booklets which you will be given, so don’t feel that you need to remember everything.

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