Your stay with us

Your room will be like a home-from-home during your stay with us, complete with ensuite facilities, TV, wifi and award-winning food. Friends and family can visit almost anytime.

Coming into hospital


We have a larger car park which is free for our patients and visitors. We also a number of disabled car parking spaces.

A warm welcome

We work hard to make your time with us relaxed and as comfortable as can be. We have two entrances to the hospital, Lower Reception and Main Reception. When you arrive at either entrance you will be greeted by our friendly reception staff who will book you in for your treatment.

Concierge service

Here at Spire Bristol Hospital we like to go the extra mile for our patients. Once booked in, our concierge will welcome you to the hospital and show you to your room, they will then inform you of what happens next and answer any questions you may have. This service is designed to make you feel comfortable and make your stay a lot easier. Your bags can be carried to and from your room and any transportation can be booked on your behalf. Do not be surprised if our concierge comes to your room for a friendly chat during your stay.

While you're with us

Your immaculate, comfortable room will feel more like a hotel than a hospital. You can surf the web, watch TV and enjoy our delicious food in privacy. 

Each room comes with toiletries and fresh towels. Our housekeeping staff are on hand to provide you with small refreshments throughout the day and you can order food from our set menus.


We have flexible visiting hours to fit around your life and the people who love you. 

Should you wish to send a gift or flowers to a loved on in our care then you can do. Deliveries will be received by our reception staff who will ensure that they are delivered to the correct recipient. 

Leaving hospital

You can leave hospital whenever your consultant thinks you're ready. Even after you’ve left hospital, we’re here for you every step of the way.

We’ll send you home with all the medication, advice and follow-up support you’ll need to help get you back on the road to good health. We might be able to help with transport and care for you in your own home if you need extra support after you leave us. And if you have any questions or worries about your recovery, just give us a call. We're here to help. 

Patients with a disability

Recognising the needs of every individual, our hospital is accessible to everybody, so we welcome visitors with disabilities. Spire takes its responsibilities under  the Equality Act 2010 as employers  and service providers very seriously.

Our goal is to recognise the needs of every individual and to provide health and care services that are appropriate, respectful, inclusive and equal. We always try to meet the needs of any visitor to our buildings. We provide patient information in a variety of formats, including large print and audio versions, and we seek to ensure that our buildings, access routes, signage and lighting meet the needs of people with disabilities.


Children are always welcome in our hospital and they can visit you whenever you like.

If your child is coming into hospital for surgery, we’ll invite you to bring them for a pre-admission visit. You will meet some of the staff who will be looking after your child, and the visit will help them to feel more familiar with the hospital when they return for their actual admission.

We are always pleased to arrange for you to stay overnight in your child's room.

On the ward, your child will be cared for by a registered sick children's nurse or a registered nurse with a child branch certificate. The team that looks after your child in the operating theatre and recovery room will have received additional training in the care of children.

You’ll be able to accompany your child to the operating theatre and stay with them until they are asleep. You will also be able to accompany your child back from the recovery area to the ward.

A children's menu will be available and if your child wants something that's not on the menu, we’ll do our best try to provide it.

We provide a range of toys, books and videos but it's a good idea for your child to bring one or two of their own favourite toys or comforters.

When a child comes to the hospital for a surgical procedure, they will stay in a private en-suite room, with a TV and WiFi. The rooms are large enough to accommodate a parent, wishing to stay overnight.

Whether you're using health insurance or paying for treatment yourself, we're here to look after you.

Everyone has access to the same high quality care and equipment. And we think our patients would agree