I had a prolapsed disc in my back in July 2018. By November 2018 this disc had resolved however I was left with a persistent gnawing pain in my back and left leg called sciatica. I was waking frequently during the night and needed around 12 tablets a day to make the pain bearable. The pain killers meant I could continue to work as a GP, run my aesthetic clinic and look after my home and 2 daughters. Things took a turn for the worse at the end of 2018, despite the large number of pain killers I was taking, I found it extremely painful to sit or stand for longer than 10 minutes as the pain in my left leg left me irritable and unable to concentrate.

I knew that Professor Haag was an internationally renowned specialist in pain medicine who practised from the Spire in Wrexham. I needed an urgent assessment as the discomfort was becoming unbearable and I was at risk of having prolonged spells off work. Professor Haag assessed me and determined what procedure would be beneficial. In March 2019 I had an intra-forminal steroid injection into my spinal nerves that took my pain from 9 out of 10 severity to a 6 in a matter of 2 weeks.

I was then able to halve my pain relief medications. Unfortunately the pain escalated again so I needed another injection in July 2019. This injection was more painful than my previous ones but by day 14, my pain had all but disappeared! Professor Haag then referred me to Kevin Bell, an excellent private physiotherapist who works alongside Professor Haag at the Spire Yale. He performed a thorough examination and outlined core strengthening exercises to safely build up the stamina in my back and legs again.

It is now September 2019 and I am delighted to say I am pain free after 13 months of chronic pain. Professor Haag gave me very useful practical advice on how I can prevent the pain from returning. As a GP I know how chronic pain can have such a detrimental effect on patients’ lives. I now have personal experience of the frustration and misery that chronic pain can bring.

I have had a fantastic and timely experience with Professor Haag, Kevin Bell and the staff at Spire Yale and would recommend this excellent service to anyone who needs their help.

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