Weight loss is often associated with gaining confidence and improving self-esteem but for Bethany King, this was not the case. Years of yo-yo dieting and a keen interest in fitness resulted in the loss of not only her breasts which became completely flat, but also her self-esteem. Here she talks about her decision to undergo surgery and how she is now feeling more confident than ever:

“After many years of yo-yo dieting I had been left with both a deflated chest and self-esteem and although I was able to maintain a healthy weight, my opinion on myself was anything but. My love of exercise had helped to tone and shape all but my chest area and no amount of press ups could change that. This, paired with my upcoming wedding in Ibiza, meant I was eager to do something about it, so after doing some research I went for a consultation with Mr Collin at Spire Washington Hospital.

“I instantly knew I was in good hands with Mr Collin, who ensured I was supplied with every bit of information necessary - something that was lacking in consultations I’d had elsewhere. I believed that the right procedure for me was a breast uplift and implants, but Mr Collin explained that an uplift may not be necessary. This came as a welcome surprise as no other consultant had discussed this with me at appointments elsewhere.

“I remember feeling so reassured and confident with Mr Collin’s knowledge and ability that I was happy to book in for surgery in the initial consultation. However he advised he would like me to return in two weeks, to give me time to digest all the information and be sure I was happy to proceed - a very professional and ethical touch in my eyes. Needless to say I went ahead with the procedure within a couple of months of my consultation.

“On the day itself I arrived at the hospital and was taken to my room. Modern, stylish and equipped with its own private bathroom, I was pleased my afternoon appointment meant I would be staying overnight. Within an hour I had met with the anaesthetist and Mr Collin who briefed me on the next steps before taking me down to theatre.

“Before I knew it I was back in my room being cared for by the friendly hospital staff. I was ecstatic to find out that Mr Collin had not needed to perform the uplift, meaning I would be left with minimal scarring. Going elsewhere for my surgery would have resulted in unnecessary scars and costs, but thankfully for me this was not the case.

“With flexible visiting times my family were able to come and keep me company, without having to be conscious of the time. I was awoken with breakfast in bed and after a final visit from the nurse and Mr Collin I was able to go home by mid-morning.

“One of the main aspects that has made my experience with Spire second to none is the outstanding aftercare I have received. I am now eight weeks post-surgery and have had four follow up appointments, all of which were included in the price. I am due to return for another follow up appointment three months from now.

“The reason I underwent the procedure was for my own self-confidence and I am pleased to say it has definitely given me that. A lot of people can rush into surgery, but for those that have been considering it for some time, my advice would be to book in for a consultation at Spire Washington. You will be given the opportunity to understand if it is the right thing for you and should you wish to go ahead, it will change your life - it has definitely changed mine.”