Spritely Barbara from Stoke has just enjoyed her first pain free shopping trip since being operated on for a prolapsed womb at the Spire Regency Hospital in Macclesfield.

The part-time bank administration worker had suffered with severe pain for over a year and had been waiting for an operation on the NHS since August 2011.

When the usually very active Barbara, who works one day a week at her local bank, could not take the pain any longer, she went to her GP and asked to be referred privately. She was offered a choice of two hospitals, one of which was the Spire Regency and she jumped at the chance of having the procedure done there.

Barbara says: “I knew all about the reputation of The Regency as I’ve heard very good things about them. I was not disappointed, it was absolutely great. It was like staying at a five-star hotel.

“The medical team were so professional yet warm and friendly. When I came round from the operation I was immediately pain-free. I stayed for two nights and felt fine straight away.

“Of course I’m not allowed to move about for a couple of weeks to give myself the best chance of healing properly but I’m keen to get swimming, walking and gardening again. For now I’ll enjoy being looked after and pampered by my new beau!”

The uterus is held in place by muscles, tissue, and ligaments. These muscles can weaken due to childbirth. As a woman ages and loses oestrogen, her uterus can collapse into the vaginal canal. A prolapsed womb is a common problem in which the womb may sag or exit through the vagina. This condition causes pain and discomfort and can hinder walking and bowel movements.

Barbara, who also beat cancer three years ago, says that during the her procedure the consultant took a biopsy to ensure that all was in order.

Delighted with the outcome, Barbara continues: “I just cannot believe that I was pain free immediately. I did not need painkillers. The procedure took about two-and-a-half-hours and I felt fine. I’m on my orders not to lift or swim for six weeks and I had to wear rather fetching support stockings for two weeks as a standard precaution but that was fine.

The best thing is being able to go on a much needed shopping trip yesterday with regular tea-breaks!”

Barbara has just jetted off with her osteopath partner to Spain for a few days of sun and relaxation and strictly paddling only!

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