I wanted to have my breasts enlarged at the Spire Regency Hospital as it has such a fantastic reputation

Julie, a busy working mum had wanted breast implants for years. She was not desperately unhappy with her natural shape, although she did feel that one breast was slightly smaller than the other. Julie simply wanted a bit of a boost as she was fed up wearing padded plunge bras. She opted to have a breast augmentation at Spire Regency Hospital in Macclesfield in January 2012.

Julie says "I’d wanted implants for years and through knowing lots of people in my local area of Macclesfield, I’ve seen (and heard about) the best and the worst operations.

“I actually kept my operation a secret as I didn’t want to worry my mum. I knew all along that I wanted to have my breasts enlarged at Spire Regency Hospital as it has such a fantastic reputation...

“My consultant’s name often came up in conversations with friends and I was interested to hear more about him so I looked up his profile on the hospital’s website. He came across as very friendly and approachable: someone with whom I could relate to and that ultimately I would feel comfortable with.

“In December 2011 I made an appointment to go and see Mr Richard Johnson. He’d recently operated on a friend of mine and she was delighted with the results and I decided that I wanted him to operate on mine as well. When we met, Richard explained the procedure to me and told me that Spire Regency uses Nagor implants which are of the highest quality. I asked Richard what sort of size and shape would suit my body and he thought that going up one or two sizes would be perfect.

“I spoke with Pat Moon on the customer services team at the hospital initially and I arranged a visit. During the visit I was taken on a tour of the hospital to make me feel familiar with the surroundings and fantastic facilities. I was incredibly worried about going under a general anaesthetic but both Pat and Richard were incredibly reassuring.

“I had a second consultation with Richard just after Christmas 2011 and then 12th January, the day of the operation, arrived.

“On the day of the operation Richard talked me through the procedure again and then drew around my breasts, showing where the incisions would be made. He had a number of implants that are ‘tried’ on you before the operation commences. During the operation the surgical team try the implants before sewing you up just to make sure they will look right.

“The actual operation only took just over an hour as I went into the operating theatre at about 12.45pm and was back in my room about 2pm eating scrambled eggs!

“The result is amazing and my breasts are exactly as I hoped they would be. I don’t have to wear a bra anymore, which is great, but my breasts don’t feel hard or unnatural, just firm and healthy.

“I paid for my operation in advance but I know that there are a number of options available.

“It will take up to a year until my post operative breasts ‘settle’ but I already feel great and I know that come the summer, I’ll be really confident wearing a bikini.”

Julie’s message about breast implants is: “Do your research. Too many people go ahead with these procedures without educating themselves as to the best surgeons and healthcare settings. Once there, take the time to ask the right questions. Don’t scrimp on cost. As the saying goes, you really do ‘get what you pay for’.”

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