I slipped on ice 10 days before Christmas, I thought I’d be sensible and take the train to work rather than drive, but fell over just 100 yards from home. I flew through the air and landed on my back and wrist. My back was saved by my rucksack which was full of work, ironically private health files as I look after all insurance matters for the company I work for. The wrist was very painful, and I spent the morning at A&E with them trying to straighten it out to save further surgery. I returned to the fracture clinic a couple of days later and they confirmed that I’d need surgery to avoid any loss of mobility. I was told to go nil by mouth from 11 every evening and call the hospital each morning to see if there was a bed available.

A week later I was still waiting and when I mentioned that I had private cover I was told that I’d stand more chance of getting it sorted before Christmas by going the private route.

I called AXA who confirmed that they would provide cover, but that I would need to find a consultant. Spire Little Aston were very helpful and booked an appointment with Mr Shyamalan for the next morning at 8am. I’d been nil by mouth for the previous week, so thought it wouldn’t hurt to do the same again, on the off chance that he would be able to operate the same day.

I saw Mr Shyamalan and after an X-ray he asked when I’d last eaten, so I knew I was in luck. It was also very reassuring when other healthcare professionals at Little Aston said I was in the best hands. Surgery was booked for 2pm and Mr Shyamalan managed to organise whatever parts he needed to fix my wrist and get them taxied in to Little Aston.

The Physio visited me before surgery to talk me through what I could/should be doing after surgery and appointments were made for follow-up visits.

I’m now 13 weeks post surgery and delighted with the outcome, having got almost 100% mobility back. With hindsight I’m really pleased that I had to end up using private cover and am sure that I had the best possible treatment.