Dr Arul James

Dr Arul James

Consultant in Chronic Pain Medicine and Anaesthetics


Specialises in

  • Chronic abdominal pain management
  • Chronic joint pain management
  • Fibromyalgia pain management
  • Management of localised neuropathic pain
  • Radio-frequency denervation procedures for chronic back pain

Languages spoken

English, Hindi, Tamil

Since 2021, I have proudly served as the Clinical Lead in Chronic Pain Medicine, demonstrating my unwavering commitment to enhancing patients' lives. Through a comprehensive biopsychosocial assessment, I have adeptly assisted individuals grappling with diverse chronic pain conditions in achieving improved pain management outcomes.

Within my practice, I offer a comprehensive array of specialised interventions aimed at alleviating a diverse spectrum of chronic pain conditions. My expertise encompasses the administration of nerve injections and radio-frequency treatment when appropriate to address concerns such as occipital headache, shoulder pain, knee pain, back pain, hip pain, abdominal pain and myofascial pain.

Additionally, I provide infusion treatments tailored to combat widespread nerve pain, and the application of concentrated chilli cream (Qutenza) to target localised nerve pain. To effectively manage chronic back pain, I perform spine nerve and joint injections followed by radio-frequency denervation procedures to provide long lasting relief. I use, ultrasound or X-ray guidance to ensure the precise and optimal placement of therapeutic agents.

As a consultant specialising in chronic pain medicine, I have undertaken more than 1,000 intricate pain interventions over the past two years (2023), catering to patients grappling with a diverse array of chronic pain conditions. This substantial experience underscores my commitment to delivering effective solutions and underscores my dedication to alleviating the burden of chronic pain for individuals under my care.

By fostering a collaborative environment and employing shared decision-making principles, I have facilitated the formulation of individualised treatment plans tailored to each patient's unique needs. This journey has not only highlighted my dedication but also underscored my ability to combine medical expertise with compassionate care, ultimately contributing to the holistic wellbeing of those under my care.


General Medical Council Number: 7462328

Treatment information

Some of the principal treatments carried out by Dr Arul James at Spire include:

Pain management

Other treatments

  • Knee pain - genicular nerves injection/ radiofrequency treatment
  • Lidocaine infusion - Widespread neuropathic pain
  • Localised neuropathic pain - Qutenza
  • Occipital nerve block - Occipital headache
  • Shoulder pain - suprascapular nerve injection / radiofrequency treatment
  • Trigger point injections - Myofascial pain

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Additional information

Professional memberships

General Medical Council (GMC)

Royal College of Anaesthetics (RCoA)

Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM)

Professional leadership

Clinical Lead for Chronic Pain Medicine at George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust


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Consultant Chronic Pain Medicine and Anaesthetics, George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust

I find great pleasure in playing tennis, a sport that perfectly complements my active lifestyle. Additionally, I am a proud parent to a vivacious and delightful three-year-old son who fills my home life with boundless joy and excitement. Situated in the heart of vibrant Birmingham, a city celebrated for its cultural richness, iconic landmarks, and dynamic music scene, I draw inspiration from this dynamic environment as I pursue both professional excellence and personal fulfilment. I have also authored an international book designed to provide patients, their families and carers with a profound understanding of chronic pain as a persistent condition.