David Learmonth from Horsforth, Leeds, lost eight stone and gained back his self confidence following laparoscopic gastric band surgery at Spire Leeds Hospital with Mr Simon Dexter and tummy tuck surgery with Mr Mark Liddington.

Two years ago, David, a 43 year old office manager, weighed just over 20 stone. Having suffered from weight issues since he was a child, he tried hard to keep his weight under control through diet and exercise.  However, following the death of his father four years ago David turned to comfort eating and started piling on the pounds. Low self-esteem was another contributing factor. The extra weight then triggered back pain, which made it difficult for him to exercise causing his weight to further increase.

“I was an emotional eater,” said David. “I would eat crisps and biscuits and lots of pasta and sauces. I’ve always enjoyed cooking and at meal times would pile my plate high. Now I have smaller portions and eat slowly so I taste and enjoy the food more.”

At 6ft tall and with a large frame David carried his weight well but felt self conscious. Before his weight loss he wore 52 inch chest jackets and his waist measured 44 inches.

“I was always a healthy large person, I never had problems with blood pressure or any other weight related issues,” he added.

Then in May 2011, while on holiday in Devon, he read an article in a women’s magazine about a female celebrity who lost seven stone after gastric band surgery. David decided to look into having the procedure done. His GP recommended he have surgery locally at Spire Leeds Hospital.

After doing some research David chose to have the procedure done by Simon Dexter, a consultant in upper gastrointestinal and minimally invasive surgery at Spire Leeds Hospital, who explained the options best suited to David’s condition. “I chose gastric band weight loss surgery rather than a bypass as I did not want anything permanent or too drastic,” said David,

He had the band fitted in September 2011 then adopted a healthy diet and exercise regime and he has lost weight steadily. Currently 11 stone 11 pounds, he is happy with his weight. David says he is also enjoying his new found confidence. “I’ve just been on holiday in Marbella and was able to take my top off on the beach. Something I would not have dreamt of doing before.”

Commenting on the successful outcome of the procedure, Mr. Dexter said, “David was very committed to getting control of his weight and this motivation made him a good candidate for surgery. It is possible to regain weight after any weight loss procedure, but the procedure should only be part of a process of lifestyle change and an altered relationship with food. David has done well, because he has learnt to work with the band to enable him to improve his diet.”

In fact, David was so successful in losing weight that he elected to have a tummy tuck to reduce the excess skin and tighten abdominal muscles. He attended a cosmetic surgery evening at Spire Leeds Hospital to find out more and a friend recommended Mark Liddington, consultant plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Spire, who performed a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) on David in May this year.

David added, "This has definitely been a life changing procedure for me. I feel one hundred percent better in myself and am reaping the benefits of weight loss. I feel healthier, I have more confidence in myself and am enjoying being able to do so many more activities. It’s also great to be able to buy clothes in normal sizes.”