Bilateral Total Knee Replacement

Keith Moorhouse, 67, from Guiseley, near Leeds had bilateral total knee replacement surgery in July 2011 under the care of Mr Stuart Calder.

The retired accountant from Guiseley, near Leeds was suffering from severe osteoarthritis, had debilitating pain and could hardly walk.

After undergoing bilateral total knee replacement at Spire Leeds Hospital in July 2011, Keith was able to resume many activities he had been unable to do prior to surgery.

“I had suffered from osteoarthritis for many years and the situation had become progressively worse,” said Keith, who is married with two daughters. “I was in constant pain from my knees and it got to the point where I could not even walk to my local newsagents.”

Consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Stuart Calder, performed the two-and-a-half-hour procedure. He explained, “It’s relatively uncommon to operate on both knees at the same time, but in Keith’s case, I felt that he was medically fit enough and his knees were equally bad.” 

Following successful surgery, Keith returned for a check up six weeks later. He was healing well and his joint movement continued to improve helped by ongoing physiotherapy treatment.

Three days after surgery Keith was able to walk around the grounds of the hospital without pain and within three weeks he was driving his car. A few weeks later he drove on holiday to the South of France where he cycled nine miles a day. He has also been able to take up golf again and has even been skiing. 

Mr Calder said the benefits of having both knees replaced at the same time include; shorter overall rehabilitation time, only one hospitalisation period and only one anaesthesia.

He added, “This is really an excellent pain relieving operation for patients with severe arthritic disease of the knees, but all the pros and cons need to be clearly discussed to ensure it is the right choice for the individual.”

 “It’s amazing,” said Keith. “Having this surgery has transformed my life. You don’t realise how much pain you are in until it stops,” he added. “I cannot praise Mr Stuart Calder more highly and he is working in an environment that is equally efficient. If you have to go into hospital it’s a very nice place to be.”