I had always been very self conscious about the bump on my nose since my teens and I am now in my fifties. I never felt good about myself and I was always looking at other people and comparing. I finally realised I was making myself unhappy and that I needed to do something.

I visited my GP who referred me to Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital and I firstly visited Mr James England. He recommended and referred me to Mr Jassar.

Mr Jassar spent a lot of time at our first meeting fully explaining the procedure and what it entailed. He then made a follow up meeting for 2 weeks time which enabled me to absorb the information and formulate my questions. He was extremely patient, didn't make me feel rushed  and answered all my questions very honestly so I was fully aware of what was going to happen.

Because of all the information I had been given, I was able to remain calm after the operation and not panic or feel upset. There were no nasty surprises. The pain was really just like a dull headache which was easily managed with painkillers which subsided after about 2-3 days. Mr Jassar visited me prior to the operation and the day following the op to remove dressings and was very kind and understanding.

Mr Jassar has been extremely patient and kind throughout and I felt very confident with him. He seemed to take the time to ensure that you felt comfortable and fully informed. The staff at Spire Hull and East Riding Hospital were all very efficient and kind.

I would definitely recommend both Mr Jassar and the hospital to others

I am over the moon with the result. Mr Jassar has removed the bump and has done exactly what I wanted and had agreed with him. I feel much more content and no longer think about my or other peoples noses! I just feel so grateful for his care, attention and expertise.