Arthritis and autoimmune condition

Mary has been a patient of Professor Chakravarty for ten years and writes that "He is an excellent clinician with a wealth of experience."

I have had arthritis for thirty years, and have been a patient of Professor Chakravarty's for approximately ten years. During my first consultation with him he suggested that I might have a fairly rare and serious autoimmune condition. His diagnosis was correct, this condition had been missed by others over a prolonged period of time and he spotted it the first time that I met him.

It was very important that this condition was diagnosed not only because it needed to be treated, but because one of the complications of it is an increased risk of a type of cancer called lymphoma, which I did subsequently develop. Once again Professor Chakravarty recognised the signs quickly and referred me for treatment. I was impressed during my first consultation with him and have continued to be impressed over the years.

It goes without saying that Professor Chakravarty is an excellent clinician with a wealth of experience, but he is much more than that. He is a lovely, kind, caring, sensitive man who listens to and respects the patient’s perspective. He is generous with his time and is always available by telephone or email if I have a problem. He is totally patient focused, he really goes above and beyond what a patient might expect from a doctor.

Although diagnosis and medical treatment are of course very important, when you are struggling with painful and debilitating conditions over a long period of time, these qualities in a doctor are especially helpful and reassuring.

I have a very complicated medical history and suffer from a number of conditions which I think would present a challenge to any physician. I have had problems with various treatments over the years but the professor never gives up on me and continues to do everything he can to help me.

I could not ask for a better Rheumatologist and would not hesitate to recommend him.