I am now size 8-10, weigh 10 stone and I am the most happiest, healthiest and confident person

Rebecca's Weight Loss Surgery

Rebecca - weight loss and cosmetic surgery

Rebecca had gastric sleeve surgery at Spire Hartswood Hospital under the care of consultant bariatric surgeon, Mr Kesava Mannur and cosmetic surgery under the care of Mr Sood.

I have always struggled with being the ‘fat child’ or the child that couldn’t fit in the same rides as the other children and my friends. I was forever on a diet, and forever dreaming of being slim. I spent my childhood through school battling with bullies and constantly crying.

I tried every single diet going, could lose weight but gained it back faster than I could ever imagine. I had never heard of weight loss surgery before, until my father got in contact with the most amazing lady, Claire Price, a Bariatric Nurse at Spire Hartswood. We went for a meeting with her and she explained the procedure. I then met with Mr Mannur, a Consultant Bariatric Surgeon at Spire Hartswood Hospital, who has completely changed my life.

Within one month I had made the decision that I needed this procedure as I was in a depressed state. Being (only) 20 (years old) my friends were jetting to Ibiza, or on holidays together where I always had an excuse because I couldn’t bear being seen on the beach with all my slim friends.

Claire and Mr Mannur are forever my heroes. They looked after me, saw me when I had questions and were there to hold my hand throughout the early stages before the surgery. 

My father reassured me about the procedure and he had done a lot of research to make sure that I had the best surgeon in the UK. He indeed chose the right hospital and surgeon and I am forever grateful.

I had my surgery on the 5 December 2014, the hospital team explained beforehand it wouldn’t be an easy journey and that I would still have to work hard, and look after my new stomach (sleeve). I had group talks at the hospital, with real patients who had been going through the exact same procedure, and were the exact mental state as I had. I was, at the time, extremely scared.

The day of my surgery, Mr Mannur and Claire asked me again to make sure this was exactly what I wanted. Being 20 they wanted to make sure I wasn’t pushed by my parents, which was not the case and who have been absolutely brilliant.

My twin brother (who has never struggled with his weight) took me into the theatre door, and said 'welcome to the skinny life'. It made me laugh and I felt so comfortable with the whole procedure. Mr Mannur spoke to me gently, and explained that he would be there when I woke up and that I was about to feel extremely drunk. That is true, he was there when I woke up and he made sure I was feeling okay.

I felt a little grotty but this was down to the anaesthetic. I slept a lot that afternoon and woke up on the 6 December feeling normal. No pain - I was a little sore which is expected. I did struggle with trapped wind, it gave me back ache and shoulder ache, but the hospital brought in a fabulous Physiotherapist, who got me walking and released the wind within around 12 hours.

I was back to work as a massage therapist seven days later.

For the first six weeks I was on liquids only, I did not feel hungry. It was fabulous and within six weeks I dropped two stone.

As I started (eating) soft food Claire was there with me all the way, sending me recipes, making me frozen food I could de-frost, microwave and warm up. I was sick a few times. But this was because I was adjusting to my new sleeve whilst I could work out what my body could take, and I realised every patient is different.

Within six months I was eating a normal (child's size) dinner and had lost a whopping 6 1/2 stone! I booked a holiday and wore my first bikini. I was literally losing a stone a month to start with, although this did slow down.

Within two years I had lost 12 stone, but had got pretty skinny and was down to a size 6, weighing 8 stone. Within time my body adjusted to food even more and I can now eat a healthy small dinner. 

I am now almost three years post-surgery and have in total lost 10 stone. I was originally a size 24 and weighed 22 stone.

I am now size 8-10 weighing 10 stone and I am the most happiest, healthiest and confident person. I would never have imagined I would have felt this great. I exercise regularly still, but being slim exercise is not a problem, I never struggle and I enjoy it now.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to go out for meals with my friends, but I am always eating out in restaurants and socializing. I’ll just have a starter rather than a main. I do tend to go for the healthier option and luckily my weight remains the same. I must admit alcohol hits you quicker, but hey? It’s a cheap night!

Back in March 2016 I did have extra cosmetic surgery. I had a little loose skin so I decided to have a tummy tuck and breast augmentation as I lost everything. Being a woman I needed a little help with the other side and I had this done also at Spire Hartswood with Mr Sood - he is amazing!

I cannot thank this hospital enough, they have absolutely changed my life. I'm always smiling, always laughing and finally, love myself.

Thank you Claire and Mr Mannur for being my forever heroes. You are amazing.