Calvin - shoulder surgery

Calvin had arthroscopic subacromial decompression and excision of the ACJ surgery at Spire Hartswood Hospital under the care of consultant orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Ali Al-Sabti.

I saw Mr Al-Sabti following a recommendation and referral by my GP after eighteen months or so of gradually increasing pain in my left shoulder. It had left me suffering interrupted sleep and difficulty in carrying out everyday tasks like showering, upper body dressing, and generally being unable to lift my arm from well below shoulder height.

My GP had administered a couple of injections, but to no avail.

On my first appointment, Mr Al-Sabti was welcoming, affable and showed real empathy with my condition. He carried out a full examination of the affected joint, along with a detailed explanation as to the probable cause. We tried one further injection, after which it soon became apparent that it was not sufficient. I returned after a few days and aided by x-rays Mr Al-Sabti recommended arthroscopic subacromial decompression and excision of the ACJ. He again gave a full explanation of the procedure, risks, rehabilitation and hoped for outcome.

I was able to have the operation at a time to suit myself and had the procedure as a day case. Following admission to Spire Hartswood I received another full explanation concerning what was about to happen from Mr Al-Sabti and the anaesthetist before going to theatre. After the op Mr Al-Sabti visited me in the ward, told me all had gone well and he would see me again in due course. I was discharged that evening following a talk with a physiotherapist regarding dos and don'ts for the following few days and being given advice and medication for pain relief.

The following day I took two tablets for pain relief, and to my surprise, as it transpired, they were the only ones that I did take post-surgery!

Four days after surgery I had my first physiotherapy session. This was followed by two more sessions, then two sessions of Hydrotherapy, a final physio, then at five weeks a final consultation with Mr Al-Sabti at which he discharged me from his care.

My whole experience with both Mr Al-Sabti and the hospital team was faultless.

Thank you.