Mr Chatrath is a very nice gentleman and extremely professional and courteous. I'd been suffering for some years with almost constant sinus pain and related illness. After conducting the various tests and discussions on findings it was decided that the best course of action was a septoplasty,a surgical procedure that's done to fix a deviated nasal septum, and balloon sinuplasty, a treatment for blocked sinuses, because of narrow frontal pathways. The surgery went well and everyone involved at Spire Hartswood Hospital were great. I was quite anxious on the day but the whole team really helped to keep me as calm as possible and answer any questions. I'm writing this four weeks post op, I've just had my follow up and Mr Chatrath is happy with how it's all healing. I can breathe much easier and through both sides of my nose for first time in years. I've adhered to my post op instructions but can honestly say the hardest part is the first week after the op. It was nice that his secretary, Sue, was and is always on hand to help plus I was able to contact the Spire Hartswood Hospital ward if needs be. If you’re looking for a specialist in this field then I'd have no hesitation in recommending Mr Chatrath.