Sleeve Gastrectomy (Weight Loss) Surgery

At 47 stone, with a BMI of 80, Allen White was not only morbidly obese but at serious risk of other weight related illnesses. In February 2014, Mr Kesava Mannur performed life-changing bariatric surgery at Spire Hartswood Hospital. Allan tells his story below:

“There are not enough ways in the world to repay Mr Mannur and Claire Price for giving me the chance to change my life. I’ll forever be in their debt. 

"Being obese isn’t an easy existence. It’s a jail term trapped in a body that you never wanted. Less than a year ago I struggled with the things that only babies struggle to do: standing, walking, washing. I didn’t have a life. I was stared at as though I was a bad person because I was overweight, mocked by people, even photographed by strangers. I worried daily that my managers would decide that I was too much of a risk to employ. I had to change.

"I looked up leading weight loss surgeons on the internet and Mr Mannur came up. As he was fairly local, I decided to go and see him and his recommendation, due to the extreme impact the surgery would need to have, was a sleeve gastrectomy.

"During this surgery, the surgeon removes three-quarters of the stomach, effectively reducing the size of the stomach permanently without altering the digestive system.

"At that stage I looked into the potential results and obviously read some real horror stories. Whether to proceed to surgery was a huge decision to make but the risks wholly outshone the potential results.

"I knew I wanted Mr Mannur to do my surgery and I chose to have it done at Spire Hartswood Hospital because, in my two or three visits there, everybody was very professional and non-judgmental. I felt comfortable it was the right choice.

"I had my surgery on 15 February 2014, which was the earliest I could have it done after the assessments and pre-op dieting. Afterwards, I was told to have bed rest for two or three days, and minimal walking, but I’ve never been very good at following orders. Within three weeks I was back to work and driving as usual. I wasn’t sure what to expect but my recovery felt very quick.

"The surgery has given me back my life. I had experienced such a low point to which I thought there was no end in sight, but choosing to have weight loss surgery has changed that forever.”

As of October 2014, Allan is more than half way towards his target of losing 30 stone having lost 17 already.

"I am making sure I am more active. The main thing I have learnt is that doing something when you normally would have done nothing is always the way.

"I am enjoying the freedom of the simpler things in life – being able to stand up and walk without worry, not worrying about where I go, whether I'll be able to park close enough to make it, and if there’ll be a seat that will take my weight. I can dress in fashionable clothes rather than just what will fit. I can work six to eight hours a day without any problems. I’m able to treat my fiancé how a lady should be treated; we go on walks with our dogs, I can carry her shopping for her, take her to see shows, actually make it to family events.

"Undoubtedly Mr Mannur has made this experience as easy as it could be, but I cannot discount the role of weight loss nurse Claire, who has been fantastic throughout and even still is a continued support. Amazing. The care I have received from Spire is a million percent more than I had dreamed. There’s not a thing I would have done differently.

"I would advise anyone else considering similar surgery to be entirely honest. Ask yourself 'Will I change my lifestyle post op?' and don't kid yourself that this is a quick fix. You have to be 200% ready for the change.

"Weight loss surgery could be the best thing you ever do but at the same time one of the hardest. You have to want to make the changes so that you can live the life you've been missing."