Ear pinning (pinnaplasty)

Mobile hair dresser Hayley Stevens, 27, speaks about her decision to have ear pinning (pinnaplasty) surgery with consultant plastic surgeon Mr Manu Sood.

“Ever since I can remember, I suffered from sticking out ears. My mum often told me that she enquired about having them altered when I was first born, however she was advised against it for a new born baby – due to the anaesthesia required. Therefore nothing was done, and I lived with it. I didn’t really mind this throughout school, I guess as I was a bit of a ‘tom boy’ I always covered them up with my hair and hats etc. It wasn’t until I left school that it really started to affect me.

I started to become very conscious of my ears, and began wearing elastic headbands to cover them. 10 years ago I nearly had an operation, but was put off by a close friend who only spoke on the dangers of surgery. Once again I put the decision to the back of my mind and lived on.

As time passed I would only ever wear my hair down. With my long hair (all the way down my back), it was very hot in extreme heat. Even so I would not tie it back. I remember being in Egypt on holiday and the unbearable heat was made worse by my thick long hair, but still I wouldn’t tie it up. It sounds silly, but even when answering the door at home (to postman etc) I would quickly let my hair down before opening, and then tie it up to carry on with the housework.

I then decided that enough was enough, and that something could be done. I had seen Mr Sood for a previous operation 5 years before I decided to get my ears done. I also wanted to stay local again, and knew of the reputation that Spire Hartswood Hospital carried. After speaking to one of my hair clients, I made an appointment to see Mr Sood and took my Mum along with me, to discuss my ears. As before, he was very attentive to my needs, and listened to what I had to say. He gave me his opinion and talked through the possibilities of ear surgery. From this moment I knew I had made the correct decision.

My Mum was very supportive throughout, and I knew that surgery was the right option for me.

I chose The Hartswood as I was impressed by the creature comforts of the rooms and the locality to my house. This was very important in my decision, as I knew that I would like to be within driving distance, if there were any problems. Everyone was excellent throughout, and I was even able to gain extra reassurance and help over the telephone after I had gone home.

After the operation I was able to go home on the same day and the bandages stayed on for approximately a week. This wasn’t the most comfortable I have been in my life, and sleeping was a bit hard to get used to, but once the bandages were taken off the difference was amazing. The tenderness of the ears started to subside immediately, and I was back to work as soon as the bandages were off. Back to normal, and extremely happy with my ears no longer protruding.

I can’t express how happy my experience has been. I happily wear my hair up and can be confident in styling my hair anyway that I like.”

Mr Manu Sood comments on the pinnaplasty procedure which he performs for both adults and children at Spire Hartswood Hospital,

“Prominent ears are a common problem, which trouble both children and older patients. Children tend to be very self-conscious about them as they get teased and called names at school. With adults, it becomes even more of an issue and I have had several patients who have never worn their hair up or will not go swimming as they are afraid to expose their ears.”

He goes on to say that, “The procedure for correcting the ears is fairly straightforward and I commonly carry this out with children after the age of six or seven years. It is done as a day case and the bruising and swelling from surgery normally settles within a couple of weeks.  Patients are usually delighted with the outcome of the procedure.”