I had a Total Knee and Knee Cap Replacement (TKR) by Mr Ali in August 2017. Given my young age, neither the decision nor the surgery was straightforward. I had a complex knee history – an accident at the age of 11 and multiple surgeries throughout my childhood and adult life had left me with severe arthritis and excruciating pain that was limiting my everyday life. Mr Ali tirelessly considered my options and was painstakingly thoughtful as we decided the right route. In the end, I had a bespoke TKR as Mr Ali was considering the here and now as well as the future and wanted to ensure I wasn’t detrimentally impacted by having a TKR at such a young age. Mr Ali doesn’t just focus on the orthopaedic issues at hand, he cares deeply about your quality of life and emotional well-being too.

One year on and I can say Mr Ali completely changed my life. Not only is he an incredible surgeon, Mr Ali is charming and caring – he is a true gentleman and deserves high praise.