The professionalism and punctuality of all staff, they seem to really care about my well-being. Mr Kalairajah was very professional and explained everything to me pre-surgery and on the day of surgery. He also did a catch up with me just to go over the procedures. Post surgery he came to my room which was very nice, to tell me things went okay - that was reassuring.

The care was first class from the porter and reception staff, all the way through to all the medical staff. The room was good and my visitors were all treated well. Mr Kalairajah was very warm, open and honest about the procedure but also made us aware of risks and the rewards. The porter was a genuinely nice guy who chatted with us before and after the procedure. He showed genuine sympathy but with a good sense of humour and care - a real nice guy. And the nursing staff, all of them, were all caring warm and friendly.