Having a Lipoabdominoplasty was something I had contemplated for many years, despite years of dieting and exercise, I could never get rid of my abdominal apron, which I hated and affected my confidence and how I dressed on a daily basis.

I did not go into this lightly and Mr Mahajan was the second Doctor I consulted. He immediately put me at ease and instilled me with confidence. I had also researched his work and could see he was an expert in this field. I decided therefore to have this procedure done for my 60th birthday.

Following surgery I received excellent nursing care at Spire Elland and Mr Mahajan visited me on a regular basis (I often wondered if he ever went home!). I was discharged home after five days with one drain in situ, which is a common occurrence and was doing well. Unfortunately I developed an infection in my drain sight. I was aware that this can happen and just saw it as unfortunate, however this meant readmission to hospital with intravenous antibiotics and a visit back to theatre for the drain site cleaning out. Once again I received excellent care and was discharged home after a week. I had regular follow ups with Mr Mahajan to ensure I was continuing to heal well.

Personally I felt my recovery was slow which I put down to the infection and my impatience as I am normally a very active person. Healing however was very good and slowly and steadily the swelling subsided and I made good progress.

Fast forward six months and I have now dropped two dress sizes; I have a much better contour; a FLAT tummy and my scar is hardly visible. I now wear shirts, tucked in jeans, hugging fitted dresses and at last feel comfortable in a bikini!

So; if you are considering this procedure my advice would be:
• Ensure your prepared for surgery, after all this is a major procedure
• Don’t expect too much of yourself particularly in the first few months post op
• Ensure you have a good support network and accept help when offered
• Do your research

Finally, I cannot recommend Mr Mahajan highly enough, he is clearly an expert in this procedure, a very skilled surgeon, is extremely caring and has a dry sense of humour, most of all he wants YOU to be satisfied with the outcome. I know I certainly am and I have absolutely NO REGRETS.

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