Haematology involves the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have disorders of the blood.

Haematology has a strong multi-disciplinary approach. In the laboratory haematologists work in close collaboration with clinical and biomedical scientists. On the clinical side haematologists deliver care to patients in conjunction with nurse specialists, radiologists and other medical specialists such as clinical oncologists.

Haematologists provide care to a wide range of patient groups playing a major role in the diagnosis and monitoring of patients with disorders of the blood and bone marrow, for example: sickle cell disease, anaemia, leukaemia and related blood cancers; haemophilia and other bleeding and clotting problems.

Haematologists at Spire Dunedin Hospital are heavily involved with important NCRN (National Cancer Research Network) badged clinical trials at the Royal Berkshire Hospital. Research and development is therefore at the forefront of their work so that patients are continually receiving the very best healthcare. With the patient's best interest in mind they are always ready to seek expert opinion from other specialists when this is warranted.

We are able to provide top quality, affordable patient care, from diagnosis to treatment and rehabilitation with a single-point of referral, short waiting times, and with treatment times to suit the patient.

The hospital benefits from on-site X-ray, MRI, CT, ultrasound and works closely with GPs to ensure they are kept up-to-date with the very latest in treatment technology.

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