Pete Browne from Kingswood, Bristol, came in for a hip replacement procedure performed by consultant orthopaedic surgeon Mr Stephen Eastaugh-Waring at Spire Bristol Hospital in June 2013...

Dear Sir or Madam,
I have just returned from The Spire, following a 5 day stay with you, after having a total hip replacement. I was totally blown away with the level of service I received, which was a kin to a five star hotel rather than just a hospital.
From the moment I arrived, I was treated like royalty, with every member of staff knowing who I was & having a great knowledge of why I was there. 
I was shown to my room and prepared for surgery and visited by both  the anaesthetist and the surgeon to explain in great detail every thing I needed to know about the operation, whilst reassuring me of the out come and to stop me from worrying. 
Following my surgery which went extremely well, I was taken back to my separate  on suite room to recover.
During this time I was visited daily by the surgeon, to explain to me every thing, that I would need to know about the operation ie how it went, what happens next, recovery times etc, and then followed by an array of nurses, who looked after my every need.
Then came the physio staff to ensure I had the right aids and exercise programmes to help with a speedy recovery. I also suffer from MS, which mainly affects my left side, the operation was to my right leg, so a heck of a lot more physio was needed in order to make sure I could cope with the extra demand my legs would be put through.
They asked me to stay an extra night, so a more intense exercise regime could be added in, before they would give me the green light to go home. This proved to me that MY safety was their first concern and cost second, as the operation was a fixed price.
Because of my illness, I have spent a lot of times in various NHS hospitals and the food is dire to say the least, and would constantly lose weight during my stay. But the food in the Spire is to die for(No pun intended) and as good as any you would find in a top hotel, I actually put on 1/2 a stone in the five days I was in there.
And finally when leaving the concierge (They actually have a concierge!) a nice chap called Dave, took my luggage, walking aids and myself and loaded us all into the waiting transport.
So a big thank you to all the staff at "The Spire" for making what could of been a fairly terrifying ordeal, into a pleasurable one!!

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