About presonalised knee replacements

Patient shapes differ on the inside as much as they do on the outside. This ground breaking surgery, provides a custom fit specifically for you, regardless of age, race, size or gender.

The Personalised Knee system uses scans of the knee, which when analysed create a 3D image of the patient’s actual knee. With this information the surgeon can carefully pre-plan the surgery and tailor made instruments (alignment guides) for each individual patient are produced.

This is a step forward from the navigated total knee replacement which requires pins to be placed in the bones. A better aligned total knee replacement will potentially have better long term results and the less invasive procedure can help to reduce pain and recovery time.

About the clinic

At Spire Yale Hospital, our orthopaedic consultants have provided a range of knee investigations, treatments and surgery for many years. Our facilities offer patients high diagnostic standards of care in the North Wales region and our consultants are all recognised specialists in the field of knee orthopaedic surgery.

They are supported by a specialist team of physiotherapists to complement your care.