One-stop breast clinic

Spire Murrayfield Hospital Wirral offers prompt diagnosis and treatment of breast lumps.

Call us to book 0151 929 5408

Early breast cancer diagnosis can help improve the chances of successful treatment. If you've noticed a breast lump or changes to your breast which cause concern, our compassionate, efficient team of specialists work together to help give you a diagnosis with minimal waiting for results.

We run several one-stop breast clinics each week in our relaxed, clean and friendly premises giving you rapid and accurate diagnosis.


What we offer at the one-stop clinic

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Consultation with a Consultant Breast Surgeon

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Investigation with a same-day mammogram

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Treatment advice to discuss results with the consultant

Why choose the one-stop breast care clinic?

  • Initial consultation with the consultant of your choice
  • Expert physical examination
  • Mammography and/or ultrasound as per the consultant's request
  • Same day results for your peace of mind
  • Aspiration of cyst fluid (if required)
  • Biopsy* (if required)
  • Clear pricing packages with no hidden costs
  • A supportive multidisciplinary team

Book an appointment

Call us on 0151 929 5408 today. Our friendly team will talk you through the service and available options.

You can pay for your own treatment or use private medical insurance.

Our self–funding price packages are based on the diagnostic tests recommended by your consultant. One-off private treatment is available with a fixed price agreed in advance.

Your GP or any other medical practitioner can refer you to the clinic.

Our specialists

The clinic is led by consultants:

and they are supported by a team of compassionate, highly experienced radiologists, pathologists and nurses.