I had suffered dreadful back pain starting in 2013 due to a trapped nerve. I saw several different neurosurgeons, in different hospitals. I was given so many varied things to do to try to help this, nothing helped. Then through research, I found Mr Popa.

On looking at my MRI scan he instantly knew what surgery to carry out. I had this done in October last year. Mr Popa thought I would get about 70-80% relief, but since then it has been perfect, as if it never happened. 

He put metal bars, spacer screws and bone graft in my spine. Before the surgery I couldn't stand for more than a minute, now this is no problem. I can't say enough good things about his work. Also he is such a great person, he made me feel at ease and confident. 

I wanted to write to Mr Popa because I feel people should know how good he is. I know that people are quick to complain when things are wrong, so I thought it should be noted when things are good.