I first went to Professor Joseph in May 2019, my weight was 85.8kg, I had tried various different diets over the years and felt I had limited success. Before my visit to his clinic I had just completed a 20 day juice diet and instead of losing weight I actually gained weight.

I was at a low ebb, zero confidence and had not much hope.

After my consultation, Professor Joseph prescribed me Semaglutide. I started off on a low dosage, minimal side effects accompanied by a healthy diet, and started to see the results.

Four weeks into my journey I then weighed 83.25kg; over the coming weeks my dosage was increased and my weight loss also increased. After a long time dieting I could now see a positive result - my confidence has risen, my weight loss is now over 28 pounds and counting in just over 6 months.

I honestly feel like a different person. The care and support during these times has been fantastic by Professor Joseph and I cannot thank him or recommend him highly enough.