Sonsha kicks ‘slowing down’ with a new hip from Mr Peter

05 May 2015

After years of competing and coaching, martial arts expert Sonsha Smith - a 6th Dan black belt in freestyle kick boxing - began to feel the effects years of training. Sonsha told us: “I have always had an active lifestyle but was beginning to experience increasing pain in my hip. It began about eighteen months ago and rapidly became worse to the point that I was debilitated with the pain.

"Some days I’d struggle to walk never mind continue running my kick boxing club. I eventually had to give up kick boxing which impacted on my health and well-being and eventually had to give up teaching.

"Having to rely on others to take my classes was soul destroying and by this time I was walking with a limp, was considering having to give up the club altogether and accept the pain and disability as part of the ageing process.”

“Eventually, I apprehensively agreed to a hip replacement. Mr Peter explained the risks and before I knew it I was coming into theatre. That was seven weeks ago and I can honestly say I feel like a new man with a new lease of life. Even though my family and friends had warned me to take things easy, I was off my crutches within a week.”

“I can’t thank my surgeon Mr Peter enough, he has been amazing, and my physiotherapist Jenny Sharpe is a credit to the hospital. From the moment I first attended the hospital, the care I have received has been nothing short of 100%.”

“Now I’m back at the club, I cannot put into words how grateful I am to Mr Peter and his team at Spire Liverpool Hospital as I now show NO signs of slowing down regardless of my age.”

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