Liverpool Gynaecologist pens new book on research in the field

30 June 2017

Mr Nabil Aziz is a consultant in Gynaecology and Reproductive Medicine at Spire Liverpool Hospital. Having practiced for many years he provides a wealth of experience in his specialist area. The main treatments that Mr Aziz carries out include fertility tests, hysterectomy surgery, laparoscopy investigation, and menstrual disorders.

He has recently had a book published titled ‘The Diagnosis and Treatment of Male Infertility: A Case-Based Guide for Clinicians’. Written from the clinician’s perspective, the book is of interest to doctors, especially junior doctors, as well as other healthcare professionals and people who may be interested in this field of research.

The book deals with a defined male infertility problem covering a variety of relevant topics such as anabolic steroid use, ejaculatory and erectile dysfunction, cystic fibrosis, and spinal cord injury. Ultimately, the book informs on how to deal with a problem, tracing the clinical pathway arriving at the diagnosis, and discussing treatment options with the likely outcome.

This is a sensitive topic for many people but there is help available for you. If you think you may need to see someone about a gynaecological or reproductive health concern, book an appointment with Mr Aziz at Spire Liverpool Hospital today and see how we can help.

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