European Pain Federation (EIC) Pain Schools founded by pain management specialist Dr Chris Wells

22 May 2015

European Pain Federation (EIC) Pain Schools are courses aimed at young  European medical doctors and paramedical personnel who are interested in the field of pain and want to gain more experience.

There are four schools a year. The first school on cancer pain, initiated by Chris Wells, now President of EFIC started last year in Liverpool. 

The second  school has just started in Maribor and lasts for four days. It is attended by 20 delegates from all over Europe, 15 are supported by grants from EFIC.

In his opening address, Dr Wells stressed the importance of working together to promote better care and management of cancer pain. He pointed out this is not just applicable to those with terminal disease, but  also now applicable to cancer survivors, as we improve treatment of the underlying condition.

Pain from the cancer itself, and also from treatments with chemo and radiotherapy, can usually be helped by accurate assessment and targeted treatments.

Dr Wells below making his opening speach at course in Maribor (historic buildings in background).

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