Knee pain

If you're suffering from knee pain, we can help.

If you’re suffering from knee pain, we can help. Get immediate access to the diagnosis and treatment you need, with appointments available within 24 hours. Access to our healthcare is quick and easy. Whether you’re insured or paying for your own treatment, choose to start your treatment today with Spire Little Aston Hospital, Sutton Coldfield.

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Scans and investigations

Our range of scans and investigations can shed light on your knee pain.

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Joint manipulation treatment

A non-invasive treatment to ease knee pain and improve range of movement.

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Joint pain injections

Steroid injections to help ease knee pain and increase movement.

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Knee arthroscopy surgery

Keyhole surgery allows your doctor to check and treat knee problems.

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Knee replacement

An artificial knee joint is used to replace the damaged joint.

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Knee ligament surgery

Reconstructive surgery using a graft to repair the affected knee ligament.

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