Partial knee replacement with Mako with Mr Dunbar

Michael Mintern

My left knee was the problem - it kept collapsing on me. I couldn't trust it. The pain was constant and it was interfering with my hobbies which are dancing, walking and swimming.

Mr Dunbar looked at the X-rays and gave me three choices of procedure. Being an engineer, I thought the robot looked the better option. I had excellent care from all of the staff at Spire Little Aston Hospital.

My experience of the surgery and recovery is much more positive and smoother than what I was expecting from my friends who have had manual knee surgery. My recovery was fast and I was out of the hospital the next day. I needed no crutches just a few days later and I have no pain in the knee area now - from day one.

Movement is now more than I had before the operation and it's still improving day by day!