Spire Harpenden Hospital run a recurrent miscarriage clinic under the supervision of Mr Rami Atalla, Consultant Gynaecologist and Obstetrician. 

Our clinic offers a comprehensive service for women who have unfortunately suffered three or more miscarriages. The clinic looks to provide women with a history of miscarriage with the appropriate support and expertise. Our service includes thorough investigation of any underlying causes, with the aim of achieving a successful pregnancy.

Registering women with the clinic offers full support in early pregnancy following a miscarriage; with access to telephone advice, ultrasound scans and follow-up in the difficult times in early pregnancy when anxiety may be high.

Mr Atalla has been caring for local women since 2000, "At the clinic, we offer a full range of investigations – it is only in a small number of cases we don’t find an underlying cause. One of the reasons for our high success rate may also lie in the fact that we scan women frequently which helps us to gain more information and introduce effective lines of treatment much earlier in the pregnancy.”

In 2009, Bedfordshire on Sunday covered the inspirational story of one of Mr Atalla's patients, detailing her personal experiences of recurrent miscarriages and her subsequent treatment under his supervision. The article provides a useful insight into the treatment of recurrent miscarriage and also demonstrates the impact Mr Atalla's expertise has had on the lives of ordinary people.

If you or someone you know is affected by miscarriage, you can also visit the Miscarriage Association website for additional support and advice.
For appointments please call Spire Harpenden Hospital on 01582 714 420 or make an online enquiry.