Spire Harpenden provided me with such quick access, professional yet friendly service that I now know why so many people go private!

I was suffering with an impacted tooth for a long while and it began to get so bad it was affecting my everyday life, I was having regular pain killers and antibiotics. Being self-employed I needed to get the issue sorted and back to work quickly so it didn’t make too much of an impact on my schedule. Spire Harpenden went above and beyond to meet my needs – I spoke to the self-pay team who managed to get me an appointment the very same day. Just when I didn’t think this could be topped, Mr Visavadia booked me in for theatre the next day. Mr Visavadia made me feel so comfortable yet his experience and professionalism really shone through.

I was also pleasantly surprised at the costings – I was told upfront about any costs that may occur and there were no hidden surprises. I really would recommend going private to anybody who is thinking about it – if something is bothering you daily then your health is more important than anything money can buy.

I was so impressed with the whole process, my experience was positive from my first consultation to when I walked out of the doors and I can’t thank everybody involved from the administration and nursing teams, hotel service staff and consultant surgeon and anaesthetist enough for their commitment to getting me better so efficiently.