I have previously undergone arthroscopy at Spire Harpenden in April 2019. I am extremely happy with the consultant, aftercare and the facility. Hence, I will be pleased to recommend Spire Harpenden. My Consultant Mr H Parmar had previously carried out arthroscopy of my right knee in April 2019. This procedure also involved removing several calcified objects from the joint apart from routine repair work. I was extremely happy with the outcome. Hence, I had immense confidence in him.

It is five weeks since Mr Parmar done my left knee replacement. Already my operated knee is feeling strong and the angle of bend is significant. I am extremely happy with the procedure. Mr Parmar is one of the very best Orthopaedic Consultants in my opinion.

From pre-admission session to discharge, everything went smoothly. Everyone did their part in a professional and caring manner. A special word of appreciation to the nurse Kirstie Lee Mathews, who cared for me so well. She was amazing. Nurse Lisa and Physiotherapist Louise were also excellent.