I found the nursing staff on Ambrose Ward universally helpful. For example when my surgeon came to my room to do a post op check I was sitting outside in the sunshine. The nurses offered to fetch me but instead the surgeon took their directions, found me and did his checks outside. Nurse Jola Tomaszewski remembered me from my hip replacement in 2018, her care was thorough and attentive. Isadora was marvellous and very encouraging. Hailey was very practical and supportive in preparing me for discharge. Ann Owen also remembered me from my earlier operation and again equipped me with the information and physio exercises to make me feel confident to go home and special thanks for Andrew Irwin who seems to have worked magic on my shoulder.

I was impressed with Andrew Irwin's assessment and explanation on my shoulder pain before treatment. He spoke clearly to me and my wife so we understood what was needed, what he would do and the outcome. He was very reassuring when we saw him before Theatre. Afterwards he told me the op had gone well and that's all I recall as I came round - it was all I needed to know.

My surgeon, anaesthetist, nurses and physio staff were all proficient positive and kind. I highlight Andrew Irwin for his quiet and reassuring confidence. Dr Acharya had me smiling as I slipped into anaesthesia. Nurses Jola, Isadora and Hailey were the best. Ann Owen gave us the perfect physio briefing so my wife and felt I was ready and able to go home