Cannot Express my gratitude enough!!

Today marks one week since I had my open Rhinoplasty op and I can honestly say it has been one of the most positive experiences of my life. Not only thanks to the results I am finally starting to see, but thanks to the whole process in general. Starting with consultation back in November, I immediately felt at ease thanks to Mr Mahajan, a very pleasant yet professional surgeon, who I knew straight away I would be able to trust with this life changing operation. Then on to my pre-op assessment two weeks previous, where I have to thank Maureen, a wonderful nurse who again, settled any nerves and clarified any remaining queries I had about the day of the op.

When I arrived on operation day, I spent the first few hours being greeted by numerous fantastic healthcare professionals who helped me with my preparation and again ensured a nerve-free, worry-less wait, which seemed to be over with instantly (another special thanks to Keri who is a credit to the team). Even the team who helped with the Anaesthetist were all amazing, one minute I was talking to them about which languages I could speak and they were answering any questions I had about their jobs and the next I was waking up in recovery not really believing it was over already!

The recovery was nowhere near as painful as I imagined, aided by the fact that the staff were always there to assist in the case of any discomfort. Similarly, when I arrived home, even though I didn’t experience any real pain as much (rather a feeling of having a layer of superglue over my face which got smaller as the days went on), I had been reminded that any problems whatsoever, I could contact the hospital for their support.

Last night I went to get my bandages off and yet whilst still experiencing some bruising, I can already say that I’m genuinely over the moon. I never doubted Mr Mahajan but the result is far better than I could have imagined, so again, I owe him the biggest thank you for changing my life for the better.

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