How to refer your patients

All you need to know about referring your patients to Spire Elland Hospital and Spire Dewsbury Clinic.

At Spire Elland, we provide high standards of care from the initial consultation with one of our consultants until after their treatment is complete. Our staff are dedicated and highly trained. It's more than just treating patients, it's about looking after people.

We have a range of different methods to refer:

  • By phone: 01422 324 069
  • By fax: 0800 138 8804
  • Secure online: Spire Connect

Self-funding patients

We provide a tailored and guaranteed fixed price with no hidden extras on a range of diagnostic tests, treatments and surgical procedures. For information or a guide price, please ring our Customer Services Advisors on 01422 324 069.

Insured patients

We require scheme or policy details at the time of booking so that we can obtain pre-authorisation for their treatment.

NHS patients

NHS referrals must be made through the NHS E-referral system (formerly choose and book). For details on which services are available to NHS patients please contact 01422 324083 or email