I recently required an effective and painless procedure to overcome my stop and start flow or urine, combined with a dwindling amount of delivery. I had read a write up of a new procedure outlined in a national paper which seemed to offer all the benefits that I was looking for plus I could go home the same day of the operation.

I made contact with Urology Partners at Spire Clare Park Hospital and spoke to Mr Neil Barber’s secretary Jeanette Sindle, who easily and competently guided me through the necessary arrangements for me to visit Mr Barber to see if I was an acceptable candidate for this operation.

After my first appointment with the very affable Mr Barber, who very soon put me at my ease whilst talking about not the easiest subject in the world. I was taken through the procedure step by step and advised of the benefits that I could look forward to. This procedure was deemed suitable for “my condition” and after various simple tests were carried out on the first initial appointment, within a very short time I arrived at the hospital for my procedure

Hospitals are not my favourite places in the world to visit especially for times when you are an operation. But Spire Clare Park Hospital is a very professionally run hospital, with very good caring staff who make you feel very at ease throughout your stay.

Once I was in my own room making ready for the procedure My Barber came to visit me and reassure me about the operation. Soon after that I found myself waking up in post op! Everybody around me was very helpful and the nursing staff were always on hand to offer assistance to get me back on my feet in my own time.

Very soon I felt more than happy with my condition and with another visit by Mr Barber to make sure he was happy with the outcome of the procedure. He shook my hand and wished me a safe journey back home.

My recovery was very swift and painless and within 2 to 3 days I had a full recovery with a good flow rate and none of the stopping and starting, all in all a very satisfactory outcome!

(The above referral is an honest description of my findings and results of my dealings during my time being treated by Mr Barber at the Clare Park Hospital in 2014/2015)

With my best regards,

Derek Burgess, West Malling