Varicose Veins

13 May 2014

In the UK one in four adults get varicose veins, however worryingly the majority either ignore their symptoms or encounter difficulties accessing treatment due to stringent NHS suitability criteria. Consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon Mr Patrick Chong explains the symptoms and best treatment options.

Prostate Cancer - The Biggest Killer

19 March 2014

With March being Prostate Cancer Awareness month, and prostate cancer being the biggest male cancer killer in England and Wales, Mr Simon Bott, Consultant Urology Surgeon at Spire Clare Park Hospital, provides some key information about this incredibly common cancer.

Look after your heart

07 February 2014

With February being 'National Heart Month' to raise awareness of the UK's biggest killer - cardiovascular disease, Dr Vinod Achan gives some advice on what symtoms to look out for.

Don't get stressed

07 February 2014

It’s common knowledge that we can maintain a healthy lifestyle through regular exercise, however, physiotherapists know that exercise can do more than just help manage body weight and prevent disease, it also promotes mental wellbeing.

Love your liver

07 January 2014

With January being ‘Love Your Liver’ awareness month, and approximately 2 million people in the UK being affected by over 100 different types of liver disease, Consultant Hepatologist and Gastroenterologist Professor Aftab Ala answers some common concerns about liver disease.