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Given our scale and expertise, Spire Pathology Services can design a service to suit your needs.

We understand and can support your different needs.

Whether you’re an NHS Trust, private hospital, a clinical commissioning group, clinical research company, specialist recruitment agency or a GP surgery, we can create a solution to meet your needs. By working with us, you can gain access to our network of laboratories and clinical expertise.

Expert support

We are supported by some of the country's leading consultant histopathologists, biochemists, haematologists and microbiologists.

Each specialty within Pathology is consultant led and clinical advice and interpretation is available at all times

We give every client the ability to contact the biomedical scientist responsible for their result. 


All of the Spire Pathology laboratories utilise Horiba Medical's state of the art Pentra platform featuring:

  • integrated workstation with colour touch screen
  • micro-sampling from whole blood (CBC: 30 µL - DIFF: 53 µL)
  • 26 blood cell parameters
  • ctochemistry, impedance (real cell volume measurement) & optical (analysis of the internal cellular structure by measuring light absorbency) - DHSS* Technology
  • perfect homogenisation of blood samples with reagents - MDSS** Technology.

* DHSS: Double Hydrodynamic Sequential System (HORIBA Medical Patent)
** MDSS: Multi-Distribution Sampling System (HORIBA Medical Patent)

Spire Pathology Portal

Secure, fast accurate results online. For all our customers, Spire Pathology Services provides a secure, online results service enabling to access to laboratory results with confidence at a time that suits you and your staff. Our web-based reporting facility provides industry-leading fast turnaround times and reduces administration costs.

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