Assured quality

Strict internal and external quality assure the integrity of our service.

Quality management, in accordance with the appropriate accreditation and regulatory bodies, is of the highest importance to Spire Pathology. Our Laboratories are UKAS accredited medical laboratories No. 8314 and where relevant, Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) compliant. Where we use third party medical laboratories, our internal processes check that they have the relevant accreditation to perform our testing.

Our commitment

Spire Pathology is committed to planning, organising and directing the quality management system in all Spire laboratories within the network, in accordance with appropriate accreditation and regulatory bodies.

In accordance with strict internal and external quality assurance we are committed to the following:

Spire Healthcare Pathology are UKAS accredited medical laboratories No. 8314.

The accreditation is to ISO 15189:2022 standards and we are committed to:

  • Ensuring evidence is available to ensure full compliance with relevant standards
  • Ensuring sufficient resources are devoted to quality to enable continual improvement of service
  • To ensure that every laboratory and advisory services meet the needs of the user

We are going to ensure we fulfil our commitments by:

  • Committing to an audit schedule, designed to ensure all standards are met
  • Having a governance and assurance structure that reviews the quality management system and includes review of Internal Quality Assurance (IQA), Quality Control (QC) and External Quality Assessment (EQA) returns in addition to any analytical issues such as turnaround times, audits, training and adverse events
  • Agreeing and monitoring quality indicators designed to improve our services to all our customers