Since my decompression surgery I have felt compelled to write a note of gratitude to you Mr Popa and everyone associated to your practice in Spire Murrayfield.

My life has been put on hold for the past 3 months with severe sciatic pain in my leg. I have felt completely useless to my family and was not able to work, drive or do any exercise for over 2 months. Now within 10 days of surgery my life is completely transformed and I have a drive I’ve never experienced before. This is entirely down to the treatment I have received by you....thank you for this. I came to you from a recommendation and I would and already have recommended you to others. Trust in the operator and staff was a crucial part in my decision to go through the procedure I had.

The staff of Spire Murrayfield have treated me so fantastically well during all my visits. I must thank everyone including receptionists, nurses, theatre staff, catering staff and anyone else I dealt with during my visits. Another special thanks to Dr Graham Kemp who gave me my GA. He both informed me what to expect and reassured me after my procedure. If there are any patients you think might benefit from speaking to me I would be more than happy to share my experience with them. Thank you all again, I hope you and you staff all realise and appreciate the difference you can make to your patients because it is simply life changing. Many thanks